omfg donnie turning into a badass tho lmao !!

Oct 1st • 1 note • Tagged: orphan black. personal. I love alison's storyline sm.

ok so I feel like my hair hasn’t grown AT ALL for like.. months… it’s so short and it’s not getting any longer :( also I know it’s damaged but I haven’t bleached my roots in forever so idgi 

Sep 30th • 1 note • Tagged: personal.

a new (non-dispensary) weed store opened up a few blocks away from my house today, they’re charging $26 a gram though lmao

Sep 30th • 2 notes • Tagged: until there's more suppliers legal weed is not worth the price. I wish it was a dispensary tbh that wld be convenient as hell. personal.

I felt this zit forming a few hours ago and now it’s twice the size and it hurts ugh :(

Sep 30th • 1 note • Tagged: it's like an under the skin one that just feels sore. personal.

also I rly rly didn’t want summer to end but now that it’s been a couple weeks and it’s definitely getting colder I think I’m ready to hibernate and make warm drinks and start making fires in the fireplace our house is gonna be so cozy!!!

Sep 29th • 0 notes • Tagged: and we're going to tulum for xmas. so I'll get to go to the beach in a few months. personal.

I’m so excited to carve PUMPKINS because we have a house now and we can put them on the porch!!! and down the stairs and I’m gonna carve like a million of em cuz last year we kept a couple in our apartment but it was always like 80 degrees in there and they rotted and started dripping juices on the counter and the floor after a few days it was so gross 

Sep 29th • 3 notes • Tagged: personal. and we'll get trick or treaters!!!!. and I can give candy to cute lil bbs. I'm so excite.

kinda want pizza but definitely don’t wanna have to go downstairs and answer the door 

Sep 28th • 0 notes • Tagged: personal. food.

I want some ramen but I keep puking :/

Sep 28th • 0 notes • Tagged: emetophobia. preeeetty hungover. personal.

and my hair is not doin too good either but…. I shouldn’t shave it all off again….

Sep 27th • 0 notes • Tagged: I'd regret it. personal.

UGH I tried to put make up on but my skin is so dry and gross and I’m breaking out so now I’ve put a lotion mask  over it so I don’t look like I have scales like………. I hate when the seasons change this never used to happen to me I feel so old :( 

Sep 27th • 1 note • Tagged: ive been spoiled by p good skin. at least i have time to get ready. personal.


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