I feel like shit and the only cure would be a burrito :/ 

Aug 21st • 0 notes • Tagged: I p much have everything to make one but I'm soo not up for that. personal. food/.

I think I’m getting sick, looked at my lab results from today and some of them were above the normal range but idk…  had more protein in my urine than normal and my c reactive protein is up a bit but apparently I can still stop taking prednisone altogether which is great. but my stomach has not been normal for at least a week and I’m even more fatigued than usual. chronic illness is so annoying it’s like what are my symptoms from?? nothing? everything? could be anything. guess I’ll just have to wait until it spontaneously gets better or worse. 

Aug 20th • 1 note • Tagged: personal. fatigue makes me so depressed and anxious. like I have to move soon and I want it done quickly. but the thought of trying to pack all my shit and move it and clean. makes me want to curl up and sleep for a year.

who wants to go to the beach w/ me…….

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This weekend has been very surreal… idk

This weekend has been very surreal… idk

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I ate so much taco time today and my stomach hasn’t stopped hurting I feel so sick wow….

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Aug 17th • 0 notes • Tagged: personal. trees. pnw.

Aug 17th • 0 notes • Tagged: personal. trees. pnw.

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Aug 15th • 2 notes • Tagged: violence///. death////. guns////. btwn the ferguson coverage and watching fringe last night my brain made me dream this. personal.

Have I taken my pills or did I just think about taking them…?

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wow I finally managed to nap for a bit and now… I feel worse than before…… Cool

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