I hate comcast like apparently they service all of Seattle except the central district… we called them a few days ago and the guy said it would be switched over yesterday and they would call us. But apparently he was lying and didn’t do anything, they didn’t even have a record of the phone call, and after talking to like 5 other people they said our new address wasn’t in the system and we figured out that this area doesn’t get service. So tomorrow we have to call the internet provider that services this neighborhood and hopefully we’ll get internet soon bc both of us have online classes that start in a week.

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The new digs

The new digs

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Moving is harddd esp on less than 5 hours of sleep and slightly hungover.. I need a bath and sleep for days. But we’re not even done and I have to put hella shit away still ugh maybe I’ll just start drinking again tbh

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ok lately like 99-100% of my follows have been thirst follows like….. how do so many hot people exist idgi 

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was gonna write a long whiney post bc I HATE moving and I also feel like shit but basically: Literally, I Can’t (Ew)

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one of the worst things about packing so far has to be the amount of dust/cat hair that covers absolutely EVERYTHING jfc 

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Moving is my nightmare…… I have no idea how I/we managed to fit so much shit in a one bedroom apartment.. at least we’re moving to a house with tons more space. I need to get rid of a lotttt though.

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People calling janay rice stupid/that she just wants money etc is so upsetting.. she’s been abused and whatever she does or says about it should be met with compassion not victim blaming ugh

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wow my body just sucks inside and out lmao bye

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im so happy chris is getting me a crunchwrap supreme and then we have one episode of fringe left like the last one ever of the series and I heard it’s a rly good ending so

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